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Extended Fleet Service

ExecuJet offers several different types of aircraft to meet your flight needs. We have access to many types of aircraft throughout the world. Our extended fleet of aircraft includes Gulfstream, Global, Challenger, Citation, Lear and Hawker. Whatever your private charter needs may be, ExecuJet is here to assist you.

Preferred Fleet

Dassault Falcon 900


The Falcon 900 is one of the largest and most luxurious jets in the ExecuJet fleet – perfect for both business and leisure travels. With a range of 4,700 miles, coast-to-coast and nonstop transoceanic flights are routinely completed with speed and efficiency. This aircraft comfortably seats 12 passengers in its gorgeous cabin area. The Falcon 900 provides complete access to your belongings at all times, with cabin access to the luggage compartment.  With the recent paint and interior upgrades, this aircraft is stunning!

The Falcon 900 has full Wi-Fi capabilities and a full entertainment center.

Minimize the strain of long-range travel and maximize the benefits of private air travel by chartering ExecuJet’s Falcon 900.


Passenger seating- 8
Range- 1,900 miles
Cabin Height- 4’ 9”
Cabin Width- 4’ 9”
Cabin Length- 17’


Wi-Fi throughout the cabin
Large Fully Stocked Galley
Full Lavatory
Microwave & warming oven
Large Baggage Area, with Cabin Access
Full Entertainment Center: DVD/CD
Fax/Copier and Air Cell Flight Phone
Air Show
110 volt outlets at every seat

Cessna Citation Ultra


The Cessna Citation Ultra is one of the most popular aircraft in its category due to its cabin size and increased range.  The brand new interior and high speed wifi make any trip comfortable and enjoyable.


Passenger seating- 8

Range- 1,900 miles

Cabin Height- 4’ 10”

Cabin Width- 4’ 10”

Cabin Length- 17’


Avance L3 WiFi

Full Enclosed Lavatory

Ample Luggage Capacity

King Air 350I


The King Air 350I is practically brand new and has the latest and most up to date avionics and safety features.

This aircraft seats 8 comfortably with 8 individual
Captain’s chairs in the main cabin.
The King Air 350I is the most spacious in its class and offers ample luggage space
in the aft luggage compartment and the Raisbeck wing lockers.  The
aircraft is actually larger and roomier than most light jets with only a slight
difference in overall cruising speed.

With a range of over 1800 nautical miles flying at more than
300 mph this is the perfect aircraft for short to medium range missions.


Passenger Seating – 8

Range – 1,800 miles

Cabin Height – 4’10”


WiFi Available

Fully Enclosed Lavatory

Ample Luggage Capacity

Pilatus PC12 NG


The Pilatus PC12 NG has the perfect balance between cabin
space and cargo capacity.  With it’s adjustable cabin configuration, 6
individual Captain’s chairs, large aft cargo door, and generous cargo space, it
makes this aircraft a true SUV in the sky.

 The state-of-the-art avionics and industry leading short field performance makes this aircraft perfect for family trip to the


Passenger seating- 6

Range- 1,500 miles

Cabin Height- 4.8

Cabin Width- 5.0

Cabin Length- 16.9


Aft Cargo Door

Luggage Capacity

David L. Dunkel
Chairman & CEO, Kforce, Inc.
"It has been a real blessing to have worked with the ExecuJet team over the past twelve plus years. Throughout that time, we have been able to depend on ExecuJet as a trusted partner for both Kforce corporate requirements and my own personal travel. Of particular note is the professionalism of the entire team including the pilots, maintenance staff, charter reservations and accounting. As a customer that requires flexibility and dependability, ExecuJet has delivered consistently. In addition to the outstanding service at ExecuJet, the quality and finish of the aircraft fleet and the range of fleet applications has allowed us the flexibility to do short hops as well as coast-to-coast travel. I can say without hesitation that using ExecuJet for our cross country investor, customer and field visits has enabled us to do what is impossible to do commercially in the same time frame. We look forward to flying with ExecuJet for years to come."
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